Institutional Security

Wouter Bouma, Borach Jansema

In this practical assignment, the main goal will be to illustrate in how far (international) institutions are able to safeguard black swan events. The question will be answered on basis of two black swan scenarios, and will be visually illustrated with the consequences. The two scenarios include war and disease, which can both be classified as a black swan event due to their unpredictability. Subsequently, the video will elaborate why institutions are unstable during the course of these events based on a realist approach.

The research is of relevance due to a certain amount of factors, with the two scenario’s concerning this research of particular relevance due to a number of recent events.

First of all, the scenario concerning war. It is important to mention that the scenario this research has in mind is war on a big scale, perhaps something on a world at war scale. As Medvedev, the Russian prime minister stated a few weeks ago, ‘a new cold war is upon us’[1]. In addition, scientists changed the doomsday clock to three minutes to 12[2]. To illustrate, that is the same time it was in 1984 when tension between the Soviet Union and the US escalated. The reason for the time change is because of the many regional wars and the modernisation of nuclear warheads.[3]

Secondly, the scenario concerning the diseases is also recent due to new viruses. The Zika virus, which is experiencing growing a number of cases in South America, and the Ebola virus that caused a large number of casualties in Africa. The viruses both are causing/caused worldwide panic and traveling issues.

Both these cases will be an illustration if (international) institutions are unable to cope with these events, or refuse to work together to fight them, chaos will likely emerge.

In this this video, the institutions were not able to do so, and we will try and illustrate this via our short video:

Our idea of the video is to use audiovisuals in order to raise the issue of the role played by (international) institutions in the case of a negative black swan events.

We choose to highlight two scenarios; war with the use of nuclear weapons and a global virus. Our generation is born in the early 90’s, just at the end of the Cold War is hardly confronted with the various doom scenarios our parents were confronted with. We thought it would be interesting to create a video that confronts us with this scenario. To actively engage our minds trying to imagine this happening we choose to combine local footage from Groningen with international events and popular film culture.

These are some screenshots that we will discuss.


This is shot at ‘t Hout, Groningen. The tower is called Kop van Oost. Purposely shot wide angle and from a low perspective with both towers in frame to make it look like the picture on the right.



This is a still from the 9/11 attacks. The second plane impacts on the     other tower. We use this image in combination with the local to illustrate the hypothetical possibility of such an event in our own hometown.


This is shot at a conctruction site at the Damsterdiep and is supposed to resemble the photographs of Ground Zero.


This is shot at the training facilities of the fire department and edited with a lo-fi flashing green filter which is supposed to represent the fall out from a nuclear attack. The protagonist is seeking refuge in former government facilities.


In the end, the video demonstrates the possible collapse of (international) institutions and the resulted chaos. With this, we have tried to show that (international) institutions are important for keeping order and creating solutions. However, it is in our view important to recognize the danger of these black swan events and that if one should occur, cooperation is still vital. In these times of globalisation and intermediary cooperation, diplomacy is very important to uphold peace and fight diseases; even though, it is sometimes easier to choose for a realist approach and maximize a nation’s own good.

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